after a storm comes a calm

after a storm comes a calm
Cf. a 1250 Ancrene Riwle (1962) 191 Iblescet ibeo thu laverd the makest stille efter storm [blessed are you, Lord, who makes a calm after the storm]; 1377 LANGLAND Piers Plowman B. XVIII. 409 After sharpe shoures..moste shene [bright] is the sonne.

1576 C. HOLYBAND French Littleton E1v After a storme commeth a calme.

1655 T. FULLER Church Hist. Britain IX. viii. After a storm comes a calm. Wearied with a former blustering they began now to repose themselves in a sad silence.

1979 ‘J. LE CARRÉ’ Smiley’s People i. For the next two weeks nothing happened... After the storm had come the calm.

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